We accept referrals from all insurance Companies, NHS and Self funding individuals 

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Thanks to Patient Choice, patients in England now have the option to attend the Yorkshire Breast Clinic, for a rapid assessment of their breast symptoms with a full medical assessment by Mr Linforth.

Who can benefit from NHS Services?  
Any patients choosing to have their NHS treatment at a Ramsay hospital will benefit from the following benefits:

Fast access to Mr Linforth and team.
Treatment in a small, personal hospital
Low risk of infection
Free parking
No waiting times

98% of patients would recommend Ramsay to family members 

Ask your GP that you would like to choose to have your treatment at Yorkshire Clinic, as an NHS referral via choose and book

We are happy to accept all breast referrals, including all 2 week fast track suspect cancer  and non suspected lumps, breast pain etc.

Most patients can be seen with 7 days of referral on a Tuesday pm.