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Mr Rick Linforth Consultant Surgeon

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Yorkshire Breast

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 Yorkshire Breast Clinic

           in Bradford

Yorkshire Breast clinic

Office Mon -Friday 9am-3pm 

Ramsay Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley,BD16 1 TW

01274 550842

Yorkshire Breast Clinic has a state of the art digital mammogram suite to ensure a high resolution image to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

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Yorkshire Breast Clinic has been wonderful in helping Me and my family through breast cancer.  We trust Mr Linforth and know he will treat our family with the highest level of care.  

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Tuesday  1:30 - 5:30pm.

Theatre by arrangement

         Yorkshire Breast Clinic ,Bradford. One Stop Breast Clinic services.  

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We are a team of Specialists that base our success on our patients' long-term good health.  

Mr Rick Linforth Consultant Breast Surgeon

Dr Anne Marie Wason Breast Radiologist

Dr Dalibor Gruicic Breast Radiologist

Dr Chris Bradley Medical Oncologist

Dr Emma Thomas Clinical Oncologist

       (NHS based at Leed/Bradford)

Your Safety is our first Concern. All patients who require a needle biopsy or are recommended to have a breast operation are discussed at the Bradford Teaching Hospitals Breast Multi-disciplinary Meeting, every Wednesday Morning. This is attended by the whole of the breast team, including Surgeons, Radiologists, Pathologists, Breast Care Nurses and Medical Oncologists. Over 15 experts in Breast care will check your results and provide a treatment plan. This peer review process will ensure your safe in our hands.

Mr Linforth is a member of the Association of Breast Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons England, and Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

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    We accept referrals from all insurance Companies, NHS and Self funding individuals 

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