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TM can be combined with immediate breast reconstruction or reconstruction can be performed months or years later. 
The procedure leaves a scar across the front of the chest. Since most of the nerves to the skin are also removed during TM, the remaining skin has a reduced sensation or numbness. 

The advantage of Total Mastectomy is that it is the easiest mastectomy from which to recover.
It also has the lowest risk of complications compared to nipple and skin sparing mastectomy. It can be performed on a breast of any size. Most patients will then wear a prosthesis in the cup of their bra to look normal in their clothes. This is in the form of soft wool insert until the wound is healed, and then after about 6 weeks changed to a more permanent external silicone prosthesis.

Side effects from surgery are moderate pain, skin numbness, or bruising.

Seroma (a build-up of fluid under the wound) may also occur. 

Seroma formation can be managed with aspiration ( insertion of a needle to withdraw the fluid.)

Complications include haematoma formation (accumulation of blood in the wound) (incidence <5%), 

infection (incidence <5%)

partial or complete skin necrosis (incidence <5%) where some of the skin of the wound loses its blood supply dies.

Haematoma may require a return to surgery to remove the blood. Infection is treated with antibiotics and possibly drainage. Skin necrosis is usually treated with topical wound care for 1-2 months​.

Most patients can return to normal activities within a few weeks ( 3-4 weeks).​

Total Mastectomy (also known as simple mastectomy) removes the entire breast and its contents, leaving behind only enough skin to allow closure of the wound.

The nipple and areola are both removed. No muscle is removed. Total mastectomy (TM) is usually required when the surgeon feels that removal of the skin is beneficial for cancer control and wound healing. 

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